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Modern machinery combined with efficient manufacturing processes enable us to deliver your order within the agreed time. In order to reduce your stock and warehousing costs we offer to operate on an annual order and call outs of existing orders.


Your parts will be manufactured by the following machines:


  • Punching/Stamping machines (up to 1.600 kN/ 160 tons)

  • Hydraulic Presses (up to 1.000 kN/ 160 tons)

  • Concentric Presses  (up to 1.000 kN/ 160 tons)

  • Thread Cutting Drills (up to M 8)

  • Spot-welding Machines (up to 100 kVA)

  • Condenser Welding Machines

  • Gyrating Riveting Machines


Customised machines for further processing and assembly are also available. You benefit from Herbert Paul´s over 65 years of experience.

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